Pit Fired Hot Dogs

This is a clip about lunch for the Pottery School pit fire at the beach. We forgot to bring BBQ equipment but hey you can do a lot with Raku tongs, Raku gloves, a shovel, a length of heavy gauge copper wire, and a healthy dose of ingenuity… Kudos to Mike, Liz, Aimee, et al. for being so inventive.

One Response to “Pit Fired Hot Dogs”

  1. Lynn Dornfeld says:

    As a newbie to clay throwing and ceramics, I constantly look for websites that spark my interest. As a seasoned cook, I thoroughly enjoyed my interaction with your site, especially the funny segment on the hot dog cooking….wonder what throwing one of those dogs in would do to your finishes if you added that to your pit!!!!! Let me know!!!!

    Lynn Dornfeld