Teapot-Rats Back from Soda Kiln

You’ve seen them before in greenware form, but now they are back from the soda firing — the same firing where you saw me sparying soda into the kiln. Here is one of them, below:


mutant teapot rat #1

And here is the other one.


mutant teapot rat #2 (rat #1’s brother)

And yes, these pictures were from last year, 2006! Well, I’ll start posting more soon and bring the blog up to date. Glad to be back, finally!

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  1. Linda Dewey says:

    I just viewed your you tube soda firing video and really enjoyed it. Your work is awesome!!! I just started soda firing to cone 6 with a crossdraft kiln and have overcome many technical problems. Just wondering if you could share some trouble shooting info as to what to do when the kiln stalls. I stalled at cone 5 and was unable to increase my temp to cone 6. I know my burners have enough BTU’s and my huge propane tank did not freeze. Throughout the firing, all my shelf cones{3 shelves, 2 deep in the kiln stayed even} a minor miracle in and of its self!!!! Any suggestions or guidance on temp stalling would be appreciated.
    Thank you
    Linda Dewey

  2. claymonk says:

    Hi Linda,

    Sorry I saw this comment just now. Apparently all email notifications for new comments from my blog have been landing in the spam box — for some unknown reason. :(

    I checked out your website (BTW you have really beautiful work!) and, based on the photo of the kiln post soda firing, it looks like you’ve already got the kiln stalling problem resolved.

    If not, perhaps you could try asking your question at Ceramic Arts Daily’s Community Forum, giving them as much details as possible. Here’s an example (though you’d want to use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit if at all possible):

    Good luck and best wishes,

    Hilary aka the Claymonk

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