A Tour of My Studio!

Finally got my own clay studio set up at home. My former living room has turned into the sculpture and handbuilding area (figure 1). There used to be a couch here, but now it’s just two work tables and a few shelving units. Sometimes, late at night, these half finished clay heads would feel as if they were alive…

(Update 2010-03-30: I don’t live here anymore, though I still keep a studio in the back as well as the kiln room pictured below. Apologies to all those of you who had seen this site before coming to my new home, expecting to find a working studio there. Nah… I’ve become a normal person — no more clay and dirt and mess where I live. :-))


figure 1: sculpture studio is my former living room

In the back behind the house, I have set up my pottery studio in an old storage shed (figure 2). There is a brand new electric kiln (an automatic Skutt!), a used electric wheel that I picked up for a good price, and a little portable kick wheel. By the way the large BBQ grill in the back is also a pottery tool — I will be using it for doing some pit firing experiments.


figure 2: the kiln room and pottery studio

As you can see, this kiln room and pottery studio is a chaotic mess. There are way too many things crammed into such a tiny space for it to be not messy. But I am reluctant to get rid of some stuff — like these skeletal looking parts for some figurative sculptures I used to make some 10-15 years ago (figure 3). I guess in the back of my mind, this is a series that has not fully run its course yet. One of these days I’ll get back to it, most probably…


figure 3: some skeletons from my past

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    I love your studio! Messy is homely! I am currently setting up my own in the “former dining room” too.

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